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[SOLD OUT] The Babybirds RGB Series

After long and exhausting weeks preparing the birdiehouse –which is still in progress at the moment– we finally pushed ourselves to release this very first collection of The Babybirds. This collection is coming right up from our brand new (but still messy as hell) creative space at the birdiehouse, yay! الرياضية اون لاين :D

The collection is a set of 3 unisex t-shirts for toddlers, a red stripes longsleeves, green stripes shortsleeves, and a blue stripes sleeveless, all inside an owl totebag. We call it The RGB Series.

Why RGB? Literally speaking, RGB, Red, Green, and Blue, are the 3 primary/basic colors (with green replacing yellow). You can produce any other colors by combining these 3 colors. Furthermore, RGB is the representation of the three of us Birdie Family. العاب النت 2023 Uh huh, Baby Melon is the Green one :p

So we get together, and get our primary/basic stuff ready to produce more and more cool stuff, as simple as that. It’s like preparing your crayons before starting to draw.

Anyway, please check out the lookbook, and find the size charts and the price below. fastpay

Special thanks to iPhone, Instagram, and Miss Rinjani.

Note : the size might be slightly bigger or smaller than this chart, please allow 1 cm tolerance.

RGB Series complete set :

1 Red stripes longsleeves

1 Green stripes shortsleeves

1 Blue stripes sleeveless

1 Babybirds Owl tote bag

Special offer, complete set for only IDR 119K

Or IDR 50K for each t-shirts.

All tees are using cotton combed 30s, and pigment screenprinting.

To order, please email to or mention @almaviva / @iing on twitter.

The girls called him Popo. Popo spent several years working as a graphic/new media designer in several companies in several cities before he got bored and decided to move back to Bandung and started his own streetwear label with his friends. Now, when he’s not busy massaging Nyanya’s back or making play doh with Rinjani, Popo can be found at WADEZIG! HQ making cool apparel.

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  1. ing keren ih babybird RGB series nya tapi saya belum punya anak jadi belum bisa berpartisipasi untuk membeli


    u guys rock!

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