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Rooster Hobo & Tote Bag

With great activities come great luggages. That busiest girl in the family has swimming class, gymnastics class, and some other classes to attend, and us parents have to bring all of her stuff everywhere.

So here comes another we-need-this-thing-we-have-to-make-one situation here. A bag that is large enough to bring all of our stuff, and durable enough for daily use. In short, a go-to bag. That’s what we needed.

Actually we’ve been developing these rooster bags since a couple of months ago. It was only a humble bag with nothing much in it but surprisingly hard to make. Maybe it’s because this is our very first experience using this kind of material. It’s a gray cotton fabric, or kanvas blacu, in Indonesian. Similar with kain blacu, only thicker and more durable. After a long trial and error process, we finally satisfied with the result. The rooster print is special request from the girl herself. Well of course.

The bag came in two different models, hobo bag and tote bag. Both are multi-purpose bags, but hobo bags are more suitable for groceries, various pouches or small bags, thanks to its large room. While tote bag is a perfect choice if you have less stuff to bring.

Both models can also fit our 15” macbook, A4 sketchbook, all of Rinjani’s swimming and gym stuff, mum’s groceries, you name it. And most importantly, with the same bag, we can go straight to a movie or shopping mall right after swimming class. Yes we’re impulsive like that.

Find the details of the bags below.


Detail specification :

Width : 55 cm

Height : 33 cm


Detail specification :

Upper Width : 40 cm

Lower Width : 30 cm

Height : 28 cm

Depth (lower) : 14 cm

Please have a detailed look at both models below. They are available in limited stock starting today, and might not last long, so please contact us by email to or our official LINE@ account @thebabybirds.



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