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Babybirds’ Height Measurement

Yeayy we did it again! Another fun collaboration with Nyanya, a height measurement for kids. As usual Nyanya came up with the idea to make this height measurement that can be easily printed and put it on our wall. And like always, she did the raw illustrations, and me cleaned things up, added this and that here and there.

It’s just a simple illustration as you can see, but (hopefully) it would encourage this little girl of ours to eat like crazy and do whatever it takes to be as high as the giraffe and catch that cute little owls. Can i get an amen, please? :D

Anyway, find the download link below, and feel free to download the file. It’s 100% vector, and it’s PDF, so you can easily take the file to some printhouse and print it, then put it on your wall. Enjoy :D


The girls called him Popo. Popo spent several years working as a graphic/new media designer in several companies in several cities before he got bored and decided to move back to Bandung and started his own streetwear label with his friends. Now, when he’s not busy massaging Nyanya’s back or making play doh with Rinjani, Popo can be found at WADEZIG! HQ making cool apparel.

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