For Mum For Rinjani and Friends

The Babybirds X FamilyMatters Mom&Kids Apron

We recently did a fun collabs with FamilyMatters, to create this mom & kids apron. FamilyMatters is known for their famous Keep Calm apron for moms, so we thought, let’s make the kids version of the apron. Not only to learn to cook (and messing around!) in the kitchen, this apron is also useful for drawing and painting sessions, gardening, and other activities. The products are now available for purchase at FamilyMatters.

The girls called him Popo. Popo spent several years working as a graphic/new media designer in several companies in several cities before he got bored and decided to move back to Bandung and started his own streetwear label with his friends. Now, when he’s not busy massaging Nyanya’s back or making play doh with Rinjani, Popo can be found at WADEZIG! HQ making cool apparel.

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