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[SOLD OUT] Navajo Series – A Birthday Gift For Mum

Dear Mum,

The past couple of days was tough for popo and me. We were trying to come up with something brilliant for your birthday gift. We wanted something really special, something you would really love, but we ended up couldn’t find anything special enough. So we finally decided to just MAKE that something special stuff. If you can’t find it, you make it yourself, that’s what popo told me. And here comes this Navajo bag. Pretty, eh? Popo worked hard to design several navajo patterns for this project. As far as i can remember, you are such a navajo addict. And the bag, the genuine leather we used, the colorways, every little details of it, we used every knowledge and every little love we have to make this bag, ‘you’. So you. At least, that’s what we thought. Hope you like it.

Oh and the bag isn’t exclusively for you. We decided to share the love with other mums, so we created more than one bag. You can share it with your special friends. Special, because they are limited. And the Navajo patterns, we’ll  make it available for free download at our blog, so anyone can use it for personal purpose. I hope you don’t mind :)

Happy Birthday, Mum.

Much Love,



Navajo Bag ( IDR 250K – Online Price Only – shipping NOT included)  SOLD OUT


– Pigment screenprinted on canvas

– Laser engraved on genuine leather

– Very limited stock.

Download Navajo Patterns above in PDF format (332KB). It’s FREE for personal use only :)


The girls called him Popo. Popo spent several years working as a graphic/new media designer in several companies in several cities before he got bored and decided to move back to Bandung and started his own streetwear label with his friends. Now, when he’s not busy massaging Nyanya’s back or making play doh with Rinjani, Popo can be found at WADEZIG! HQ making cool apparel.

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Comments (26)

  1. ya ampuuuunnn, ini kereeenn banget!
    Nyanyaaaaa, aku suka iing, ups maksudnya karyanyaaa… hihihihi
    Jadi, aku mauu pesaaaannnn!!! :)))
    Ah kalian ini rukun terus yaaaa sampe tuaaa :’) :*

    1. Ahahahahaha dasaar! Mudah-mudahan kita ga bubar kaya boyband-boyband deh :))))
      Boleh,Crey kalo mo ikutan PO. Kamis ini paling lambat. Thanks yaaa :)

  2. Aaaarrrghhhh telaaat taunya ada brand lokal keren banget apalagi tas ini!!! Maaauuu doonk!!! Please dibikin lagi… Aku tinggal jauh di Timur Indonesia nih, di Sorong, kepengen banget punya ini, kan belum ada yg punya disini!! Hehehehe…

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