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The Babybirds Family is a (literally!) small family lives in Bandung, Indonesia, that consists of the husband Ing, the wife Nyanya, and the little baby, Rinjani (also known as Baby Melon). Scroll down if you really sure that knowing more about us would make your day. Otherwise, just click one of these buttons below to get to know more about our daily activities – in 140 characters, or in squared pictures.



Nyanya was a Visual Merchandiser in a company in Jakarta, before she decided to quit and move to Bandung to live with the husband. After years of adventures in visual merchandising, interior, and architecture fields, today she prefers to focus more on The Babybirds Studio, and everyone in it.


Rinjani, or famously known as Baby Melon, was born in 2010. She has big sparkling eyes, rounded face, loves making faces, and the most important one, she has more than 600 Godparents!

Recently Rinjani made an appearance at the back cover of Rolling Stone Magazine US edition, as well as huge billboards all over the world, because her photo which was #shotOniPhone6 by her mom is chosen to be featured on Apple iPhone 6’s #AppleWorldGallery campaign. Yeah, she’s awesome like that.


Ing, spent several years working as a graphic/new media designer in several companies in several cities before he got bored and decided to move back to Bandung and started his own streetwear label with his friends. Now, when he’s not busy massaging Nyanya’s back or making slime (d’oh!) with Rinjani, Ing can be found at WADEZIG! Playground making cool apparel.


This blog was created long before we got married. We created it because we lived in different cities back then so we thought, beside all those online social networking we’ve already in, an online journal would be a perfect tool to beat the LDR problems down by sharing our stories with each other as often as possible. That simple.

Now that we got married, living our life together in the same house accompanied by this cute little baby, we keep blogging and sharing stories here. Not only with each other anymore, but with everyone. Friends, and family.

The old blog, which was only a common blog, has evolved into a home now. Just like us who are finally united as family called The Babybirds. This is our home. Our virtual home. Everybody is welcome here. Please sit back in our living room and read our stories,  or please come to the backyard and join us doing fun projects or help us watering the plants. You are also welcomed in our messy kitchen and join us making whatever we like to eat, or check out our photo album, enjoy our macrame creations on the wall, or sneak personal interests of the husbandthe wife, or the baby. Later, before you go home, you can have a look at our family merchandise and buy some for yourself or your loved ones. Anyway, enjoy your stay, please make yourself at home :)

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